Small Property Owner Assistance Program 

The Small Residential Property Owner Program application period is open from Thursday, October 15 through Sunday, November 29.

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¿Qué materiales son saludables?

Son aquellos que cuidan la salud de las personas y del planeta. Especialmente deben estar libres de tóxicos en su composición, ser de origen natural, procedencia lo más local posible, fácilmente reutilizables y reciclables.

¿La bioconstrucción es más cara que la construcción convencional?

Es cierto que, en general, la demanda de productos ecológicos es todavía algo baja y, por tanto, sus costes son en ocasiones más elevados. Esto sucede porque no suelen ser procesos muy industrializados, o a menudo se requieren profesionales especializados, que no predominan siempre. Sin embargo, debemos contabilizar también el coste que implican estos productos en cuanto a salud de los habitantes y las emisiones al medio ambiente durante toda su vida útil (producción, fase de uso y reciclaje).

No puedo vivir en el campo, ¿una casa en la ciudad puede ser saludable?

Aunque creamos que el ideal de vivienda de bioconstrucción sea otro, no hay que dejar de lado la realidad de las ciudades. Intervenir en las viviendas y edificios de las zonas urbanas para que vayan siendo cada vez más saludables y ecológicas es un planteamiento muy interesante, saludable y sostenible.


How can property owners apply?

Online applications for the Small Property Owners Assistance Program will be accepted at The application period will open October 15, 2020. The application and any updates will be posted at

How long will applications be accepted?

The initial application period will be open through November 25, 2020. All applications received during that period will be reviewed. If there are funds remaining after applications have been processed from the first two-week application period, there will be a second application period.

Is the program first come, first served?

No. All applications received within the initial two-week application window will be considered at the end of the application period, and grantmaking decisions will not be based on the order of submission.

Will priority be given to certain eligible units?

Yes. All applications will be reviewed for eligibility, and eligible units will be prioritized based on two factors: 1) location within priority zip codes having high poverty and COVID-19 infection rates, and 2) the ratio of rental loss to the property owner’s income.

What information will a property owner need to submit for the application?

  • Νame and address;
  • Full tax returns from 2018 and 2019;
  • Completed W-9.
In addition, for each rental unit for which a property owner seeks a grant, the owner will need to submit:
  • Property address and APN;
  • Most recent property tax statement;
  • Proof of ownership, such as property tax statement, deed of trust, trust certificate court order, etc. (see ownership FAQs below);
  • Current rent agreement or signed affidavit that unit currently has a tenant, with associated bank statements;
  • 2020 rent roll or year-to-date bank statements for 2020.
As part of the application, a property owner will need to attest under penalty of perjury that the following conditions are met:
  • The property owner’s primary residence is located in San Mateo County;
  • Property lost rental income between April 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020 due to the economic impacts of COVID-19;
  • Property has no code violations;
  • Property has no unaddressed public liens; and
  • If selected as a grantee, property owner will discharge back-rent owed in an amount equal to the amount of rental losses between April 1 and August 31, 2020 up to a maximum forgiveness amount of $7,500.

How will I know the financial information I submit with my application is secure?

A secure online portal has been created for submission of the application and all supporting applicant confidential financial documentation. San Mateo Credit Union Community Fund is conducting the underwriting for this grant program, and all applicant information reviewed by the Community Fund will be subject to the Credit Union’s privacy policy (


What if there are multiple owners of a unit?

If an eligible unit is owned by multiple owners, the applicant must have authority to act on behalf of all owners and/or provide written assurance/documentation (e.g. letter or email) from all owners affirming that they will comply with all grant terms, including the required discharge of accrued rent. The applicant must meet all other qualifying criteria to apply.

What if the unit is owned by a legal entity?

If an eligible unit is owned by a legal entity (e.g. corporation or limited liability company), the applicant must have the legal authority to act on behalf of the legal entity and/or provide written assurance/documentation (e.g. letter or email) from someone authorized to act on behalf of the entity affirming that it will comply with all grant terms, including the required discharge of accrued rent. The applicant must meet all other qualifying criteria to apply.

What if the unit is owned by a trust?

If the unit is owned by a trust, the trustee must apply on behalf of the trust. The beneficiary of the trust on whose behalf the trustee is applying must meet all other qualifying criteria in order to be eligible. The trustee must be prepared to provide all required applicant documentation for the qualifying beneficiary of the trust.

Who do I contact with questions?

The California Apartments Association (contact: Rhovy Lyn Antonio) and the San Mateo County Association of Realtors (contact: Gina Zari) will be conducting outreach and education on the program, and will be available to answer questions and provide assistance. Once the application period begins, if you have questions on the application itself, please contact:

Can I apply in-person?

Due to the legal requirements for social distancing, applications will only be accepted online at If you need assistance in preparing the application, you can contact California Apartment Association, (contact: Rhovy Lyn Antonio) or San Mateo County Association of Realtors, (contact: Gina Zari) for help.

Will I need to pay an application fee?

No. There is no fee to apply. There are also no processing fees if you receive a grant.

Will the application be available in languages other than English?

Yes, the application will be available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

How many grants will be given in total?

At the maximum grant amount of $6,000, the $2 million allocated to the Small Property Owners Assistance Program would fund a maximum of 333 grants for individual units. However, as explained above, the actual grant amount(s) will depend on demonstrated lost rental income (up to the maximum grant amount of $6,000).

Can I appeal the decision if I am deemed ineligible or do not receive a grant?


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